Fuckin Rockin!



kelly talks a lot! he likes to bad mouth people(mostly crap bands)he tends to say fuck a bit(sorry mum) but he's alway funny!

"Fukin rockin"(Glastonbury 02 after playin Madame Helga live for the 1st time)

"Where's the disco?" kelly on "call us what you want but don't call us in the morning"

"Yeah. All of us. We all sleep with each other on our nights off from our girlfriends. It's fucking fantastic." Kelly on reply to are any of them bisexual (NME 1999)

"i just like being a man and sleeping with a woman. i don't want to be a woman. i've got a woman's name."

"f***in' hell! this boards a bit hard isn't it?! what's wrong with these darts?! taking the weather into account, i'd say my score of 72 isn't too bad really..."
(kelly at glastonbury participating in the melody maker darts league)

"we like to speard oursleves around. like flora" kelly talking about god know's what(possibly from a flora advert)

"Kylie you'll always be Charlene to me love!"

'Broccoli was a definite move forward into the working class environment, I'd never had broccoli and pasta' (Kelly on about god knows what. They looked oh so serious too!)

"Everyone told me you shouldn't be writing about f***ing cauliflowers." (from Q 183 Nov '01)

'id rather have a piss' (kelly commenting on which he'd rather work with, gareth gates or will young)

'Are you saying 15-20 yr olds dont make love?' (kelly after the presenter on mtv told rich his earlier comment was not suitable 4the 'young' audience)-see below

"came, saw, everyone heard him fuck(hung like a donkey)" kelly on what it would say on Stu's grave stone

"we used to go to these greasy spoon cafes and stuff then lie on each others...(rich : watch it!) um..yeah.. lie on each other" kelly on FANatic

"some with a rabbit with a hat with a bat, whats that?!" Kelly on "call us what you want but don't call us in the morinings"

" what about vodka?, is vodka fattening?" kelly on "call us.."

"you got your walker....you got your pisshead" kelly on "call us.."

"he's an ahstma sufferer, with a face like no other!" Kelly on "call us.."

'Pick up your shit, and take care on the way home!'
kelly at the cardiff castle gig

"don't trust you driving rich, might need to put my fuckin crash helmet on!" kelly on "call us.."

"I wanna rock!" kelly talks about his direction for the new album after the mellow jeep.

"I know boys back home who have nothing going on, they're depressed, 30 and lost, and topping themselves. It's frightening. We got lucky"(Q 2003)

"He's be late if he lived upstairs" Kelly on Rich

"smashing up my mate's car with a scoffolding pole was complety out of character" (Q 2003)

"Half of me was frightened to play that song for anyone" Kelly on Rainbows and Pots of Gold

"There's a right way of doing things, then there's a Stereophonics way of doing things!"(Q 2003)

"it helps my singing"(Kelly's excuse for drinking harvey's bristol cream!)

"My biggest fear is running out of time before finishing everything i want to do" (Q 2003)

"I like vodka. I think drinking gets more lethal the older you get. When you're a kid you only like cider, then you find out the taste of lager, then you find all these spirits, so by the time your 55 you're playing a red Fender Stratocaster and drinking whisky shots, aren't you?" (Q 2000)

"Ambitious. Moody. Sarcastic.Tired. And Happy." Kelly describing himslef in 5 words (Q 2000)

"You know what, I probably cant. [Agonizes for a while] No. How bad is that? [Finally exasperated] it's been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog. There you are." Kelly's reply when ask to recite a line of poetry (Q 2000)

"Girls, obviously. [Muttering from girlfriend in background] A girl. I think what turns me on at the moment is watching somebody mop the floor with underwear on when there's lots of dust flying everywhere." ermm... Kelly's reply when asked what turns him on (Q 2000)

"Kajagoogoo. 'Kajagoogoo: were shite'. They fucking were." (NME 1999)

"Oh, he's welcome to that one! That song irritates the hell out of me now. I'm fed up of hearing it everywhere too." Kelly offering Have a Nice Day to Gareth Gates! (teletext 2003)

"Last week I got in trouble for dedicating this song to a lesbian, Anne Robinson. There you are, I done it again, fuck it." (Kelly at the Scala gig, eve of JEEP release.)

'we did a video where we had to work with half naked women.it was a realy HARD day'
(kelly at a day at the races before 'have a nice day')

"I was in edinburgh today with my mate and some guy came up and asked us where the local boozer is and my mate pointed at me!" (kelly before the edinburgh gig, 2002)

'Me and Stuart started a band when I was 12.
Emotionally to me this is heartbreaking.
I love him like a brother, but commitment wise there have been issues since "Just Enough Education to Perform". We've tried resolving them but things stayed the same. Myself and Richard miss Stuart already, a band is like a gang and a lot of time he simply wasn't there, although it was our fault to allow this situation to develop in the first place.
No one will be replacing Stuart as a band member, Stuart is irreplaceable, but Steve Gorman will continue to sit in on drums for the upcoming shows.
No one member of the band is bigger than our songs.
It's a rock and roll band and the upcoming shows will be rocking' - Kelly on the sacking of stuart.

Thanks to MUFFIN for some of the quotes! xx


Rich doesn't say an awful lot cus he's kinda the quite mysterious type(or he can't be assed!) but these are some that i've found..

"just like any other bass player... hanging back and looking cool." (Richard defines his role for kerrang!)

"Im trying to correct myself as the years go by." - referring to his tattoos (from Q 183 Nov '01)

'is that the one where he humps his girl on the wash basin?' (richard on enrique englesias escape vid)

"came,saw, worried like fuck(hung like a mouse)" rich on what it would say on Kelly's grave stone

"do you notice that eight hours of our day are devoted to drinkin....and sliming" Rich on "call us.." replying to kelly's "is vodka fattening?"

"what we do is we put em all in a felid and bomb the bastards!" rich on the making of the bartender and the thief video

Its always young girls, he says with a gentle laugh. They start following you from one station to the next, two or three of them, not saying anything. If they want an autograph, hopefully they ask.- Rich on his stalkers, mwhahaha (Q 2003)

"It's a pain in the arse when I get stopped by the police and they say, 'What's your name?' Uh (covering his neck) - 'Dave?'" Rich on the tatoo on his neck. (NME 1999)

"Jaiver's worst habit is taking his top off at the gigs and distracting all the young girls in the audience" - Rich on Javier's 'worst habit' (Radio 1 Sept 05)


Stuart the ex drummer of stereophonics (sorely missed *sniffs*) was always a very loud charecter and never missed a chance to take the piss out of Kelly (what a legend)

"if we could put kelly's face on a dildo, we'd be f***in' millionaires!"

Kids see me in the street and they are over the moon. Without wanting to sound blastic or wanky its only then that I think, Oh f***k, Im the drummer in Stereophonics, as most of the time I just feel like Stuart Cable, the bloke who used to drive the school dinners van but with a better job and more money." (from Q 183 Nov '01)

'i am actually a woman' (stu on exchange after being asked what his deepest secret is)

"came, saw, didn't give a fuck"(hung like a horse)" stu on what it would say on Rich's grave stone

"yeah a bit like my hair" stu's comment when kelly said "the new album is a bit of a mess really"

"All the way from sunny Aberdeen!" stu welcoming the nervous fan on mtv's FANatic

"she's a big fat bastard twice the size of me, she's got hairs on her fanny like branches on a tree, she can read, write, fuck, fight, even ride a moter bike, she's rhe girl for me ey-up!" Stu on "call us.." when someone asked him to sing a song

'He's a rock'n'roll Buddha!...' Fucking, what a song! That's our next single." stu when rich was asked if he is a budhist.

'it's only rock n roll.... but i like it! yes i do!'
stu at morfa staduim

"Why do the paparazzi bother? I play drums abd mt girlfriend's a fucking Z-list TV presenter!" Stu on the interest over him and girlfiend Lisa Rodgers (Q 2003)
"Fucking hell, it was like being back at school!" Stu talks about a Neil Young gig where all drinking smoking and mobiles where banned (Q 2003)

"You should of seen me go,I was the fastest dinner man in the west!"(Q 2003)

"When it started to grow, people said I looked like the new Noddy Holder. I didn't give a fuck!" (Q 2003)

"There was a point when for 12 months I listened to Rush and nobody else. I had the cut-off denium over the leather jacket and the Rush and AC/DC patches on the back. I had to get my mother to do the embroidery."- kinda killed your rock image with that last bit stu! (Q 2003)

"My mum's called Mable Cable. It just gets better, doesn't it? Almost as good as Gary Neville and Phil Neville's dad called Neville Neville! Unbelivalbe!" (Q 2003)

"Peanut butter and fucking jelly. They just don't go together." Stu reply to what's the weirdest thing that's happend to him since he's been in Stereophonics. (NME 1999)

"I remember a song that brought me to tears, once. I came home drunk and put it on, and my wife punched me because I woke her up." Stu on which song makes him cry (NME 1999)

'Is there any truth behind the claim that you are as boring as shit?' Why yes, there is.' Stu taking the piss at an NME interview (NME 199)

"For any of you American's in the crowd, Wales is that bit stuck on the side of England.
If any of you wanna come here, try shagging a few sheep. It's fucking worth it!" (Kerrange awards 2002)

"I was in hospital and kelly got chucked out because he was walking under the beds"
(stuart on kelly's height!)

I highly recomend you buy "call us what you want but dont call us in the morinings" cus its the funniest documentry ever!(Lauren xx)

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